MP3 Download: Malaise & Malfunction


Back in February I had my music on shuffle when Marlene Dietrich’s Favourite Poem by Peter Murphy started to play.  As it came to a close it occurred to me that the percussion reminded me of the theme to The Terminator, so I queued that up and I liked the transition.  Then I played Direct Stress and Strain by Desolation Zone and the industrial noise worked well with the mental imagery of the post apocalyptic future left by the previous song.  Then I just kept going and the playlist practically made itself.

I had about a dozen songs that worked well together, but not perfectly.  I was going to call this one “weird000001” because I was mixing genres and eras that I usually don’t.  But the longer I sat on it, trying to fine tune it, the more I realized I was picking songs about loss.  Eventually I pulled out the more upbeat songs like Popcorn by Hot Butter and went for a more melancholy vibe.

This is a mix about loss and longing.  I figure I’m trying to get over the loss of my Dad and then the loss of my dog, Lily.  This mix starts out pretty slow, but after fine tuning it for 4 months, I’m really happy with it.  I hope you enjoy it as well.

The complete album can be downloaded HERE.

01 – The Starlight Eater – Photophob
02 – Technical Difficulties – Hate Dept.
03 – Marlene Dietrich´s Favourite Poem – Peter Murphy
04 – Theme From The Terminator – Brad Fiedel
05 – Direct Stress and Strain – Desolation Zone
06 – Crush My Soul – Perception Cleanse Perception
07 – Delirium – Drug Machine
08 – Make You Believe – Messy
09 – Peroxide – Flykkiller
10 – The Sun Always Shines On T.V. [feat. Melotron] – In Strict Confidence
11 – LYCKA – D E P R E S S E D 0 4 0
12 – Infernal Radioactivity – DJ Clive$ter
13 – Warm Leatherette – Anaglogue Brain
14 – Vertebrae (Goodbye) – I, Parasite
15 – Red Stars [Space Lab mix by Dean Garcia] – The Birthday Massacre
16 – Attack Decay – Thomas Leer & Robert Rental
17 – In Heaven (Lady in the Radiator Song) – David Lynch & Alan R. Splet
18 – Nostalgia – STRVNGERS
19 – THΣ SH▲PΣ OF HUGIN (ɪɲ ʕʰɘɼɾʏ ɟȺɱɨʟʮ Remix) – V▲LH▲LL
20 – Better Off – Alice in Videoland
21 – Shoom – Trust
22 – 8888888888 – King Plague
23 – Unbeliever – Android Lust
24 – 2/3 – Enduser

Running Time: 01:59:21


Last Minutes Christmas Gift, MP3 Download: CHRISTMAS INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX MMXIV


Too dark and too noisy for mass consumption (the Mrs. hates this), I present to you CHRISTMAS INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX MMXIV. 14 tracks of mutated Christmas carols designed to appeal to fans of dark ambient, classic industrial and industrial noise.


You can download the complete album HERE

01 – dross – XMAS
02 – SAJ – All I Want for Christmas (No Presents Mix)
03 – c-c – The Night Before Bit Mess
04 – Country Death – We Three Things
05 – SKGB – What Child Is This (hotboxin tha manger remix feat. moon.tone)
06 – m129 – walking in the air
07 – T.R.I.v.M. – white christmas (crystal meth paranoia flow)
08 – Martin Atkins and the Chicago Industrial League – The Spirit of Christmas
09 – CeDigest – Antichristmas
10 – C/A/T – Hoo-ray For Santee Claus
11 – Andrew Fitzpatrick – Toyland
13 – Ryan Page – God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Remix
14 – Attrition – Silent Night

Running Time: 00:55:52

Background: While working on Do Androids Dream of a White Noise Christmas? Volume 3, I found several songs that I really liked, but that just didn’t fit with the tone that had previously been established with Volumes 1 & 2. These songs were either too long, too noisy or too chaotic. I would describe them as dark ambient, industrial ambient, harsh electro industrial, rhythmic noise or experimental. So I made another playlist over the course of a couple of days.