Today’s T-shirts for November 18, 2014 (The Ugly Christmas Sweater Update)


As promised, here are today’s robot/cyborg related or otherwise nerdy t-shirts that are designed to look like ugly Christmas sweaters and are only available for a limited time.

First up is this Harry Potter themed shirt which is only available for a few more hours:

The Sweater That Lived by Mandrie
Available at BustedTees
2014-11-18-Xmas Sweaters - bustedtees_the-sweater-that-liv

Next over at TeeFury, they recently launched their First Annual Ugly Sweater Weather Collection.  These designs appear to only be available as sweatshirts, and I’m not sure when they’ll stop taking orders.  They’ve got a dozen designs  that cover The Island of Misfit Toys, Home Alone, Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Who, Twin Peaks and more.

TeeFury’s First Annual Ugly Sweater Weather Collection
Available at TeeFury
2014-11-18-Xmas Sweaters - teefury_ugly-sweater-weather

Over at Pop-Up Tee they’ve got 28 Christmas designs, most of which are in the ugly sweater style, that will be available for 2 more days. Below are a couple of my favorites from this set, Xmas in Disguise and Christmas I Chose You.  Designs in this set cover Transformers, Pokemon, Mega-Man, Back to the Future, Sonic the Hedgehog, Duck Hunt, Ghostbusters, Zombies, Super Mario Brothers, Frozen, My Neighbor Totoro, and many more.

Xmas in Disguise by stationjack
Available at Pop-Up Tee
2014-11-18-Xmas Sweaters - popuptee_xmas-in-disguise

Christmas I Chose You by retro review
Available at Pop-Up Tee2014-11-18-Xmas Sweaters - popuptee_christmas-i-choose-you

Once Upon a Tee has 9 ugly sweater designs available for 2 more days.  Their designs cover Legend of Zelda, Firefly, Star Trek, My Neighbor Totoro, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Breaking Bad and Supernatural

Christmas is Coming by Rydiachacha
Availalbe at Once Upon a Tee
2014-11-18-Xmas Sweaters - onceuponatee_christmas-is-coming

Finally, Companion Tees has 5 designs available for 2 more days.  3 are ugly sweater style, and all are Doctor Who related

Who’s Sweater by Mandrie
Available at Companion Tees
2014-11-18-Xmas Sweaters - companiontees_whos-sweater


Today’s T-shirts for November 18, 2014


Here are today’s robot/cyborg related or otherwise nerdy t-shirts that are only available for a limited time.

Pikatron by djkopet
Available at Unamee2014-11-18-unamee_pikatron

All in the Mind by Versiris
Available at The Yetee

Le Petit Jedi by saqman
Available at Weekly Shirts

Celebrate by Tom Trager
Available at Companion Tees2014-11-18-companiontees_celebrate

There are a lot of Christmas themed shirts today, most of them in the style of ugly sweaters, and many of them availalbe for several more days.  I’ll try to do a follow up post tonight featuring those.

Today’s T-shirts for November 5, 2014


Here are today’s robot/cyborg related t-shirts that are only available for a limited time.  Today we have a lot of Star Wars designs and a couple of anime designs that aren’t at all related to robots, but I like them enough that I wanted to share.

Bad Motivator by Zombiemedia
Available at Zebra Tees2014-11-05-zebratees_bad-motivator_1415164446.full

Imperial Park by StationJack
Available at Pop-Up Tee2014-11-05-popuptee_13-imperial-park_1415042685.full

Jawa Droid Sales by StationJack
Available at Pop-Up Tee2014-11-05-popuptee_14-jawa-droid-sales_1415042693.full The General by StationJack
Available at Pop-Up Tee2014-11-05-popuptee_17-the-general_1415042719.full

Optimus Tut by jimiyo
Available at ShirtPunch

Cult of Skaro by illproxy
Available at Zebra Tees
2014-11-05-zebratees_cult-of-skaro_1415164453.full Kill Them All by TomTrager
Availble at OtherTees

Apple moon by KikkoHiro
Available at Qwertee

Today’s T-shirts


People that know me in person know that I’m a bit of a t-shirt addict.  I scour the 1 day only t-shirt sites pretty frequently and my wife won’t let me get a new one without getting rid of an old one.  In an effort to share my habit here are today’s robot related t-shirts that are only available for a limited time.

K-Zero | Fresh Brewed Tee2014-11-01-freshbrewedtee_k-zero_1414728656.full

Special Weapons Dalek | BlueBoxTees2014-11-01-bluebox_special-weapons-dale_1414728921.full