MP3 Download: Do Androids Dream of a White Noise Christmas? Volume 4


After being delayed by Synths and Super Mutants of the Commonwealth wasteland, I finally bring to you the latest installment in my robotically themed holiday playlist, Do Androids Dream of a White Noise Christmas? Volume 4. Not as many robotic songs as years past, and a lot more guitar than usual, but still plenty of noisy, glitchy electronic music for you listening pleasure. Track list and download link below. Happy Holidays!


The complete album can be downloaded HERE.

01 – Rockin Around – PatrickReza
02 – S.P.F. Digital Dance – E.Newcomer
03 – Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas – Chris Beckstrom
04 – Jingle Bells – Nanaki
05 – Sabbath Santa – DETECTIVE
06 – Thank You Most Kindly – Mr.B The Gentleman Rhymer
07 – We Three Kings (feat. Stephanie Mason) – Milocraft
08 – meRRy chRistmas – R
09 – Coventry Carol – Genre Fiction
10 – L1ttl3 Drumm3r B0y – Unicorn Dream Attack
11 – Carol of the Bells-Shchedryk (Swegüno Transliteration) – Swegüno
12 – Gaudete – Paladin
13 – Holly Jolly Monday – Dan Phillips
14 – It’s Another… – Against A Dark Background
15 – Goth Christmas – The Ornamentals
16 – Everywhere it’s Christmas – The Tara Experiment
17 – Sleigh Ride – Bubblyfish
18 – Santa Baby – The Dollyrots
19 – God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen – Awesome Force
20 – christmas deconstruction – Akasha
21 – Krampus Is An Evil Man – AAIIEE
22 – All I Want For Christmas Is An Original Jawa With Vinyl Cape – Mr.B The Gentleman Rhymer
23 – Of Dreaming (A White Christmas) – Zephyr Nova
24 – Silent Night – SPC ECO
25 – Black Christmas – Drewsif Stalin
26 – Joy To The World – St. Amanita
27 – He Fills Us Up – Chris Beckstrom
28 – You Hate Your Family – Constrobuz
29 – White Christmas – Corporal Blossom
30 – Nutcracker’s BASSment ( mix) –
31 – Mashing Christmas – dj BC
32 – Welcome Xmas Madness – Kloudygirl
33 – No Let Its – Ché Easson
34 – Jinglefunk – Eisenfunk
35 – Walking In The Air (Al ed Jones) – Secret Santa
36 – King – Constrobuz
37 – Ave Plague – King Plague

Running Time: 02:00:52

Also check out the original and Volume 3.


Today’s T-shirts for November 27, 2014


Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Here are today’s robot/cyborg related or otherwise nerdy t-shirts that are only available for a limited time.

Today Pop-Up Tee has a selection of 80’s style robot / cyborg faces that I want to purchase pretty badly, but would have to dip into the x-mas present budget to do so. They also have some nice designs based on Avatar the Last Air Bender, Dragon Ball, Death Note, 007, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Hurry up though, as of this writing, the pre-sale US$12.99 price expires in about 5 hours.

80’s Rocket Punch by StudioM6
Available at Pop-Up Tee2014-11-27-popuptee_24-80s-rocket-punch
80’s Dark Side by StudioM6
Available at Pop-Up Tee2014-11-27-popuptee_22-80s-dark-side
80’s I’ll Be Back by StudioM6
Available at Pop-Up Tee2014-11-27-popuptee_23-80s-ill-be-back80’s Big Daddy by StudioM6
Available at Pop-Up Tee 2014-11-27-popuptee_21-80s-big-daddy

In the past few weeks I’ve started noticing designs based on some menacingly creepy animatronic animals. Intrigued, I leaned about Five Nights at Freddy’s. I haven’t played it yet, but it looks like something I’d enjoy.

Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza
Available at Five Finger Tees

2014-11-27-fivefinger_freddy-fazbears-pizzaFinally, over at BustedTees, they’re currently running a sitewide 30% off sale.  I don’t know when this expires, but I’d guess it will coincide with Thanksgiving, Black Friday or Cyber Monday.  When you get to the site, click on the banner to get the promo added to your shopping cart.


Today’s T-shirts for November 18, 2014


Here are today’s robot/cyborg related or otherwise nerdy t-shirts that are only available for a limited time.

Pikatron by djkopet
Available at Unamee2014-11-18-unamee_pikatron

All in the Mind by Versiris
Available at The Yetee

Le Petit Jedi by saqman
Available at Weekly Shirts

Celebrate by Tom Trager
Available at Companion Tees2014-11-18-companiontees_celebrate

There are a lot of Christmas themed shirts today, most of them in the style of ugly sweaters, and many of them availalbe for several more days.  I’ll try to do a follow up post tonight featuring those.

Today’s T-shirts for November 7, 2014


Here are today’s robot/cyborg related t-shirts that are only available for a limited time.  There are a lot of great shirts today, but only a couple actually involve robots.

Combining two of my favorite things from my youth, this one was an insta-buy for me:

Doctors of Future Past by chema bola8
Available at Bluebox Tees2014-11-07-bluebox_doctors-of-future-past

This one is part of a series.  If Raph isn’t your favorite, his brothers are represented in the rest of the collection:

Mutant and Proud: Raph on Black by Brandon Wilhelm
Available at Pop-Up Tee2014-11-07-popuptee_28-mutant-proud-raph

Decept-Iconic by DJKopet
Available at TeeFury 2014-11-07-teefury_decept-iconic

Optimust by Phil Jones
Available at TeeFury 2014-11-07-teefury_optimust

I know there’s a new Twin Peaks show being worked on, but even before then, I’ve been seeing a lot of references to it in the last year or so:

RR Diner by kgullholmen
Available at teeVillain

Mmm, Tacos…  Not as good at buritos, but still pretty damn good:

Less Talking, More Tacos by Funny Or Die
Available at BustedTees2014-11-07-bustedtees_funny-or-die-less-ta

Space Dog, what else do I have to say?

Corgi-naut by Phil Tseng
Available at Threadless