Here it is, Do Androids Dream of a White Noise Christmas? Volume 5.  The 2016 entry in my ongoing series of holiday “mix tapes” (mp3 playlists / downloads) for people that are sick and tired of the same old holiday songs that get played all the time on the radio and in the stores.  My musical tastes lean toward the electronic, particularly noisy and industrial, so that’s what you’ll get here.  Genres represented include mash-up, chiptune, vaporwave, shoegaze, dreampop, techno, edm, idm, industrial, synthpop and other related styles.

Before I started on this, I re-listened to the previous entries in the series and I was feeling that Volume 3 & 4 were pretty much perfect.  I was putting a lot of pressure on myself to maintain the same high level of quality as years past, and I think I succeeded.  Let me know what you think.  Track list and download link below.  Happy Holidays!



The complete album can be downloaded HERE.

01 – Jingle Bells Pon De Floor – DJ Schmolli
02 – Dance of the Sugarplum Fairies (Diabetic Reimagining) – Zephyr Nova
03 – Gloria – Rush Coil
04 – Xmas Rush – Nathan Fake
05 – Snow And Camel Toe – The Christmas Crusade
06 – Walking in the Air (You’d Better Run) – Swegüno
07 – Pum Pum – Constrobuz
08 – A Marshmallow World – Voluptuous Panic
09 – Oh Holy Night 電子 – N 6 4
10 – Snow Day – Built Me A Garden
11 – Let It Snow – Steven
12 – Snowstorm – Galaxie 500
13 – Holiday Party – Chelsey Cope
14 – O Little Town of Bethlehem – Joel Abbott
15 – Black Mass – Sunwatcher
16 – X M A S – pza
17 – Radio Shack = Christmas Anti-Boredom – N 6 4
18 – Hark! The Herald Gameboys Sing – hautlle
19 – All I Want for Christmas is Mew – PULSING
20 – Fairy Fountain – Sikarus
21 – O Come, All Ye Faithful – The Bell Jar
22 – I Saw Mommy Biting Santa Claus – The Dollyrots
23 – For Whom The Bell Carols – Bradox64
24 – Dark Jingle Bells Dub – PumpYouUp
25 – I Saw Your Father Beat A Man To Death In Tesco’s – Mr.B The Gentleman Rhymer
26 – Away In A Manger – Square Wail
27 – AVE MARIA (Secret Weapon #1) – OObe
28 – Little Drum Machine Boy – Wolf Blitzer (the band)
29 – A Robot For Christmas – Photophob
30 – Santa comes tonight – The Silverbelly’s
31 – Santa! – Hypercte
32 – Coventry Carol – Made by Dr Light
33 – It Came Upon A Midnight Clear – PANOPLY
34 – (Hell’s) Jingle Bells – Donovan Quixote
35 – Winter Trouble – Myuu
36 – Christmas Slasher (or how Rudolph got his red nose) – Helen Robertson
37 – Angels Hope in Darkness – Adam London
38 – Catorthoseis – 26z
39 – It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year – Chris Beckstrom
40 – White Christmas – John Christian and Varoshi Fame

Running Time: 02:02:24

Also check out the original , Volume 3 and Volume 4. (I realized I have no post for Volume 2, I’ll try to get that uploaded before Christmas.)




After being delayed by Synths and Super Mutants of the Commonwealth wasteland, I finally bring to you the latest installment in my robotically themed holiday playlist, Do Androids Dream of a White Noise Christmas? Volume 4. Not as many robotic songs as years past, and a lot more guitar than usual, but still plenty of noisy, glitchy electronic music for you listening pleasure. Track list and download link below. Happy Holidays!


The complete album can be downloaded HERE.

01 – Rockin Around – PatrickReza
02 – S.P.F. Digital Dance – E.Newcomer
03 – Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas – Chris Beckstrom
04 – Jingle Bells – Nanaki
05 – Sabbath Santa – DETECTIVE
06 – Thank You Most Kindly – Mr.B The Gentleman Rhymer
07 – We Three Kings (feat. Stephanie Mason) – Milocraft
08 – meRRy chRistmas – R
09 – Coventry Carol – Genre Fiction
10 – L1ttl3 Drumm3r B0y – Unicorn Dream Attack
11 – Carol of the Bells-Shchedryk (Swegüno Transliteration) – Swegüno
12 – Gaudete – Paladin
13 – Holly Jolly Monday – Dan Phillips
14 – It’s Another… – Against A Dark Background
15 – Goth Christmas – The Ornamentals
16 – Everywhere it’s Christmas – The Tara Experiment
17 – Sleigh Ride – Bubblyfish
18 – Santa Baby – The Dollyrots
19 – God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen – Awesome Force
20 – christmas deconstruction – Akasha
21 – Krampus Is An Evil Man – AAIIEE
22 – All I Want For Christmas Is An Original Jawa With Vinyl Cape – Mr.B The Gentleman Rhymer
23 – Of Dreaming (A White Christmas) – Zephyr Nova
24 – Silent Night – SPC ECO
25 – Black Christmas – Drewsif Stalin
26 – Joy To The World – St. Amanita
27 – He Fills Us Up – Chris Beckstrom
28 – You Hate Your Family – Constrobuz
29 – White Christmas – Corporal Blossom
30 – Nutcracker’s BASSment ( mix) –
31 – Mashing Christmas – dj BC
32 – Welcome Xmas Madness – Kloudygirl
33 – No Let Its – Ché Easson
34 – Jinglefunk – Eisenfunk
35 – Walking In The Air (Al ed Jones) – Secret Santa
36 – King – Constrobuz
37 – Ave Plague – King Plague

Running Time: 02:00:52

Also check out the original and Volume 3.

Last Minutes Christmas Gift, MP3 Download: CHRISTMAS INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX MMXIV


Too dark and too noisy for mass consumption (the Mrs. hates this), I present to you CHRISTMAS INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX MMXIV. 14 tracks of mutated Christmas carols designed to appeal to fans of dark ambient, classic industrial and industrial noise.


You can download the complete album HERE

01 – dross – XMAS
02 – SAJ – All I Want for Christmas (No Presents Mix)
03 – c-c – The Night Before Bit Mess
04 – Country Death – We Three Things
05 – SKGB – What Child Is This (hotboxin tha manger remix feat. moon.tone)
06 – m129 – walking in the air
07 – T.R.I.v.M. – white christmas (crystal meth paranoia flow)
08 – Martin Atkins and the Chicago Industrial League – The Spirit of Christmas
09 – CeDigest – Antichristmas
10 – C/A/T – Hoo-ray For Santee Claus
11 – Andrew Fitzpatrick – Toyland
13 – Ryan Page – God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Remix
14 – Attrition – Silent Night

Running Time: 00:55:52

Background: While working on Do Androids Dream of a White Noise Christmas? Volume 3, I found several songs that I really liked, but that just didn’t fit with the tone that had previously been established with Volumes 1 & 2. These songs were either too long, too noisy or too chaotic. I would describe them as dark ambient, industrial ambient, harsh electro industrial, rhythmic noise or experimental. So I made another playlist over the course of a couple of days.

MP3 Download: Do Androids Dream of a White Noise Christmas? Volume 3


Merry Christmas everyone.  As my present to you, I give Do Androids Dream of a White Noise Christmas? Volume 3, the latest installment in my series of annual holiday playlists.  Original songs and reinterpretations of traditional Christmas carols, mostly electronic, noisy and glitchy, and as closely themed to robots as I could find. Track listing and download link below.  Enjoy!


You can download the complete album HERE.

01 – Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips – Robot For Xmas
02 – gwEm, Counter Reset, A-Me, and Omena Succo – Christmas is Christmas
03 – Jubal – God Rest Ye Merry, Gentledude
04 – Chris Beckstrom – We Wish You a Merry Christmas
05 – Decomposure – Little Drummer Boy
06 – Olli Äkräs, Mikko Saarinen & Nelli Petro – Walking In The Air
07 – Various Artists – Joy To The World
08 – Dane Jacobs – O Come All Ye Faithful (Ellerslie Highway Version)
09 – ENTROPY – Industrial Christmas
10 – lectronin – I Saw Three Ships
11 – Joe Vitale Jr – Jingle Jingle
12 – DJ Tripp – Just Like Rudolph (The Cure vs Gene Autry vs Rudolph)
13 – Red Flag – X-Mas Tree Graveyard
14 – Keyboard Kid 206 – Burnin’ Christmas Tree
15 – Dance Planet X – Silent Night
16 – Mr. Ghost – The Contortionist’s Christmas
17 – Valentine Wolfe – A Victorian Villain’s Christmas
18 – BludStaind – Krampus
19 – Misanthrobotic – Disco Doom is Coming to Town [Short]
20 – gwEm and Counter Reset – Star Child
21 – Bike Month – Becoming Santa
22 – Derfa – Santa’s High
23 – 53XM4CH1N3 – Sleigh Ride (Extra Fett)
24 – JMaq – Robots Call It XMas
25 – The Stabone and Demar Rock Group – Christmas In Robot Land
26 – Square Wail – We Three Kings
27 – KOKO – Yob (Xmas Dub)
28 – Jingle Punx – 12 Days of the Urban Dictionary Christmas
29 – The Bad Analogy – Angels We Have Heard on High
30 – Metallic Clouds – Sweater Weather
31 – Solarno – Ave Maria
32 – Short and Hat – What Child Is This
33 – Pretty Riot – The First Noel
34 – Le4romain – The Zombies Voices
35 – thmsbsh – Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
36 – A Beautiful Lotus – Blue Christmas
37 – Dym – Little Drummer Boy
38 – Santa’s Secret – River (Melted Holly Mix)
39 – JMaq – The XMas Song (Chestnuts Atomized In A Furnace At A Temperature Of 3014 Degrees Celsius)
40 – Oil 10 – Christmas Machine
41 – Cyberfuk – Alarm Clock Symphony “Carol of the Bells” (CYBRFK [ROBOT ARMY] RMX)

Running Time: 02:15:47

If you like this, check out the original.

Disco Doom is Coming to Town


I posted an audio experiment to SoundCloud tonight. I’ve been working on the next holiday mix and found some songs I thought would work well together. One was a disco song, the other was rhythmic noise. Really, I just thought it would be funny to juxtapose them, but I couldn’t stomach a full three and a half minutes of disco.

I fired up my copy of Audition and imported Intro by Demetrius Grave, Disco Santa (Santa Claus/N.O.E.L) by Holiday Express, and Christmas Evil (Alternative Mix) by C/A/T and came out with Disco Doom is Coming to Town.

Data Archives | MP3 Download: Do Androids Dream of a White Noise Christmas?


For the month of November, all I’ve listened to is Christmas music, Wading through some 4,000 plus songs, I’ve been trying to find non-traditional Christmas songs, or non-traditional interpretations of the classics, preferably in a dark or electronic style and hopefully somehow related to robots, being lyrically or through the use of vocoders. Why am I doing this?  In preparation of Do Androids Dream of a White Noise Christmas? Volume 3, the next in my ongoing series of holiday music playlists.

The idea that grew into Do Androids Dream of a White Noise Christmas? was born in 1995 when I got my hands on Projekt Records’ Excelsis – A Dark Noël CD. Gothic, darkwave, dream pop, neo-medieval, shoegaze, and industrial ambient interpretations of traditional Christmas carols, Excelsis was a holiday album unlike anything I’d ever imagined. Having worked at a record store through many holiday seasons, I’d heard thousands of the same old mundane and boring standards that I’d grown to loathe. Listening to Excelsis was a paradigm shift for me. Christmas carols could be enjoyable again.

Fast forward to 2006, when Evil Robot Radio (my now defunct internet radio station) was in full swing. Christmas fell on a Monday that year, and with two days off of work and no other plans, I focused my attention on the station. For the holiday, I wanted to play the songs from Excelsis and the few other holiday albums I had, but the loudcity terms and conditions I was under prevented me from doing that. I would need more music, from more artists and more albums in order to not violate the t’s & c’s. With Google, Amazon, eMusic and CDBaby as my guides, I spent the entirety of Christmas Eve scouring the internet for Industrial Christmas Songs, Electro Xmas Songs, Gothic Holiday Songs and as many variations as I could think of.

Between those search results and my own CD collection, I managed to come up with about 5 hours of usable songs. Not nearly as much industrial as I hoped I would find, but some excellent 8-bit, breakcore, glitch and mash-ups and many interesting remixes, drum and bass and otherwise dancey versions of traditional carols. Most importantly, enough music that I could program the station to shuffle them in a way that wouldn’t get me in trouble with the loudcity. With all the pieces in place, as Christmas Eve turned to Christmas, I set the holiday broadcast in motion.

Listener feedback was favorable, so I decided this would become an annual tradition, and I’d put more effort into preparation and marketing in the following years. Unfortunately, two broadcasts was all I got as I shut down Evil Robot Radio in 2008.

Fast forward again to September, 2012, when I started working on the oh so creatively titled “Holiday Mix 2012” for my friend Laurie.  I had so much fun putting that together and was so happy with the results, I wanted to repeat the experience with a Christmas Mix. This time I came up with a more interesting title, Do Androids Dream of a White Noise Christmas?.


You can download the complete album HERE.

01 – Distorted Disco Records – Christmas Club Banger! (Daft Punk vs. Shark Attack vs. The Carpenters)
02 – EROS (Vocal Eric McGauley) – Little Drummer Boy
03 – Chris Beckstrom – Jingle Bell Rock
04 – The Schematics – Deck The Halls
05 – Motiv8 – We Wish You A Merry Christmas
06 – Shuree – O Come O Come Emmanuel (Tall Animals Remix)
07 – Siddal – In The Bleak Midwinter
08 – Solarno – God Rest Ye Merry Robotmen
09 – Paul Slocum – Up on the Housetop
10 – Sounda – Seasons Greetings From NASA and Sounda
11 – Spiral-Shaped Mind – Santa Conquers The Martians!
12 – Daveyboyz – Dubstep Santa – Filthy [Dark Mix]
13 – Cyberfuk – Walking In The Air (CYBRFK DUBSTEP REMIX)
14 – No-L – Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
15 – Love Spirals Downwards – Welcome Christmas
16 – BR1GHT PR1MATE – Linux & Lucy
17 – John Anealio – The Millennium Falcon For Christmas
18 – Rudimentary Paste – Spirit of Getting [ERR Edit]
19 – Robot Zombie Attack – The Man Who Ate Christmas
20 – Lucky Wander Boy – Who’s Cyborg Is This (Greensleeves)
21 – Corporal Blossom – Little Drummer Boy
22 – MystiQuintet – Carol Of The Bells
23 – The Cathedral Brass – Joy To The World (Mocean Worker Remix)
24 – DJ Scotty Marz – O Tannenbaum
25 – Love Colony; Six – Christmas Is A Feeling In Your Heart
26 – Cocteau Twins – Frosty the Snowman
27 – Bit Shifter – Let it Snow
28 – Obliminal – God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
29 – Tornado Twins – Christmas Dubstep
30 – Nude – Silent Night
31 – DKSTR – Have Yourself a Merry Funky Christmas
32 – Josh Cunningham – We 3 Kings
34 – PumpYouUp – First Noel Dub
35 – Psyborg Corp. – Angels We Have Heard On High (ProtonIced Version)
36 – Tyske Ludder – Weisse Weihnacht

Running Time: 02:09:36

Today’s T-shirts for November 18, 2014 (The Ugly Christmas Sweater Update)


As promised, here are today’s robot/cyborg related or otherwise nerdy t-shirts that are designed to look like ugly Christmas sweaters and are only available for a limited time.

First up is this Harry Potter themed shirt which is only available for a few more hours:

The Sweater That Lived by Mandrie
Available at BustedTees
2014-11-18-Xmas Sweaters - bustedtees_the-sweater-that-liv

Next over at TeeFury, they recently launched their First Annual Ugly Sweater Weather Collection.  These designs appear to only be available as sweatshirts, and I’m not sure when they’ll stop taking orders.  They’ve got a dozen designs  that cover The Island of Misfit Toys, Home Alone, Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Who, Twin Peaks and more.

TeeFury’s First Annual Ugly Sweater Weather Collection
Available at TeeFury
2014-11-18-Xmas Sweaters - teefury_ugly-sweater-weather

Over at Pop-Up Tee they’ve got 28 Christmas designs, most of which are in the ugly sweater style, that will be available for 2 more days. Below are a couple of my favorites from this set, Xmas in Disguise and Christmas I Chose You.  Designs in this set cover Transformers, Pokemon, Mega-Man, Back to the Future, Sonic the Hedgehog, Duck Hunt, Ghostbusters, Zombies, Super Mario Brothers, Frozen, My Neighbor Totoro, and many more.

Xmas in Disguise by stationjack
Available at Pop-Up Tee
2014-11-18-Xmas Sweaters - popuptee_xmas-in-disguise

Christmas I Chose You by retro review
Available at Pop-Up Tee2014-11-18-Xmas Sweaters - popuptee_christmas-i-choose-you

Once Upon a Tee has 9 ugly sweater designs available for 2 more days.  Their designs cover Legend of Zelda, Firefly, Star Trek, My Neighbor Totoro, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Breaking Bad and Supernatural

Christmas is Coming by Rydiachacha
Availalbe at Once Upon a Tee
2014-11-18-Xmas Sweaters - onceuponatee_christmas-is-coming

Finally, Companion Tees has 5 designs available for 2 more days.  3 are ugly sweater style, and all are Doctor Who related

Who’s Sweater by Mandrie
Available at Companion Tees
2014-11-18-Xmas Sweaters - companiontees_whos-sweater