Bandcamp and the Birthday Massacre


I’m trying to rebuild my primary computer after the C drive died.  (Thank the Maker that I keep most of my files on external drives and back them all up.)  I still don’t have my music library up and running on it yet, so while restoring files, I went over to Bandcamp to find something to listen to.  I saw The Birthday Massacre have a new album, Superstition, coming out on 11/11/14.  You can pre-order it now on the Metropolis Records Bandcamp page.

If you’re not familiar with Bandcamp and you’re lover of the less than mainstream music, you should go check them out.  I’ve found it to be a great place to discover bands I didn’t know I was missing out on.  It offers free streaming of the full tracks on most songs so you can try before you buy.  When you do buy, you have your choice of file format.  They offer MP3 VBR & MP3 320 on the low end up to FLAC & ALAC on the high end.  All files are DRM free.  And if streaming is your thing, once purchased, they offer unlimited streaming to your device through their app.  But what I especially like is that the musicians get 90% of the sale.  From what I’ve read, that’s well above what they get from Amazon, Google & iTunes sales.  I’ve also read that musicians get practically nothing from streaming services like Spotify & Pandora.

I also saw that they’re re-releasing Mythmaker by Skinny Puppy in a Deluxe Edition that adds a few remixes.  Mythmaker also come out on 11/11/14.