Japan’s Toho to Produce New ‘Godzilla’ Movie


Since the 50th anniversary Final Wars, Toho has been saying the big G was going to be taking a 10 year break. Excluding last summer’s Gareth Edaward’s film, they’re right on track. Maybe I’m in the minority, but I really liked Final Wars and was saddened to hear of the decade long break. Now I’m very excited that it’s finally over.


Today’s T-shirts for November 4, 2014


Here are today’s robot/cyborg (admittedly, today’s selection is a bit of stretch) related t-shirts that are only available for a limited time.

Red Lizard by ZeroBriant
 Shirt Mogul2014-11-04-shirtmogul_red-lizard_1403349283.full

Super Meeseeks Bros. by LavaLamp Creative
Ript Apparel2014-11-04-ript_super-meeseeks-bros_1415081890.full

Call Cthulhu by Letter-Q