Black Tape for a Blue Girl 2-Day $2-Download Celebration


Black Tape Sale

There is a sale going on at Black Tape for a Blue Girl’s Bandcamp page. All albums are are only $2 until December 2nd.

Whew, finally! I’ve concluded my task of uploading all our releases to Black Tape For A Blue Girl’s Bandcamp store! And to celebrate, I’ve switched all the prices to $2. Yes! Just $2 a download — of course, you can give more if you think the album is worth it. It’s our 2-day $2 download celebration. Many of the albums are deluxe, with extra material (for example, Halo Star includes a second disc of live tracks). The $2 price includes all studio albums and eps (plus my solo work and most collaborations). The celebration runs through midnight-ish, Tuesday December 2nd.

Bandcamp allows you to gift albums to your friends. Instructions here.

Thanks for your interest! Sam

I’m most interested in Sam’s early solo work which I was unaware of until now.

Tanzmusik (1985)

The album continues in the “electronic mood-music” tradition established by Sam on the PROJEKT ELECTRONIC AMERIKA cassettes, with the added intriques of the drum-computer, exploring the realms of electronic music that the critics have compared to Tangerine Dream, O.M.D. and Brian Eno.