Today’s T-shirts for November 5, 2014


Here are today’s robot/cyborg related t-shirts that are only available for a limited time.  Today we have a lot of Star Wars designs and a couple of anime designs that aren’t at all related to robots, but I like them enough that I wanted to share.

Bad Motivator by Zombiemedia
Available at Zebra Tees2014-11-05-zebratees_bad-motivator_1415164446.full

Imperial Park by StationJack
Available at Pop-Up Tee2014-11-05-popuptee_13-imperial-park_1415042685.full

Jawa Droid Sales by StationJack
Available at Pop-Up Tee2014-11-05-popuptee_14-jawa-droid-sales_1415042693.full The General by StationJack
Available at Pop-Up Tee2014-11-05-popuptee_17-the-general_1415042719.full

Optimus Tut by jimiyo
Available at ShirtPunch

Cult of Skaro by illproxy
Available at Zebra Tees
2014-11-05-zebratees_cult-of-skaro_1415164453.full Kill Them All by TomTrager
Availble at OtherTees

Apple moon by KikkoHiro
Available at Qwertee