Final Days to Support Kickstarter Game: I Hate Zombies


I Hate ZombiesBoardGameGeek is getting into the game publishing business with I Hate Zombies, the first in their new line of micro games.

Yet again, a ravening horde of horrible zombies has shambled forth to devour the living. It must be a day of the week that ends in ‘y’.

In I Hate Zombies., designed by acclaimed game designer, Kevin WIlson, 2-12 players face off in a climactic battle for the very fate of the world that will last about 10 minutes. Some of the players will be the noble last survivors of humanity, while others will be dirty, wretched brain-guzzling zombies. To see who survives, they will engage in that time-honored tradition, that Sport of Kings…

Yes, that’s right. Rock-Paper-Scissors. To the Death!

Although the valiant humans each have a special ability to aid them in their struggle to survive, the zombies are tougher to kill, and humans they kill turn into more zombies, and certainly let us not forget the spleen-churning stench.

While the game could be succinctly described as Rock-Paper-Scissors with special abilities, the abilities add some interesting decision making for the zombie players as to which humans to focus their brain munching beam on, and when. So, while the game uses the RPS mechanism, there are real and interesting decisions to be made which will have the zombies debating their strategy (or at least as well as their limited mental capacity allows).

If you hate zombies (and you should!), you’ll find altogether more zombies than you’re comfortable with in I Hate Zombies.

Below are the KickStarter video as well as a review by UndeadViking.

The KickStarter campaign will be ending on Tuesday, December 2, 2014 at 10:00 PM EST. As of this writing, the campaign has met the initial goal and now trying to get to the final stretch goal of Unique Zombie Art on the back of all the character cards. Right now, if you support this campaign, for $8 you will get a copy of I Hate Zombies shipped to you with all 6 of the additional stretch goal character cards.

I Hate Zombies sounds like a fun, easy to learn party game that might also turn out to be a good way to introduce your non-gaming friends to gaming. Despite the title, who doesn’t love zombies, or at least love devising plans to survive a zombie apocalypse?


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