Expanded Vocabulary


The Mrs. & I are in the habit of calling each other when we leave work to give an update on when we think we’ll be home.  For me, things are getting very busy at the day job as we approach end of year, so tonight I left work an hour and a half later than I normally do. The Mrs. was almost home by then and advised me to be careful as all the other drivers were driving like “fucktards” tonight.

Considering her warning, I ask, “Honey,” (yes, I call my wife Honey), “would you have ever used the word fucktard before you met me?”

Really, there was no point in me asking, as I knew she’d respond with “no.” Now I just don’t know if I should be full of pride, or just embarrassed.

The Mrs. & I are of the generation where it was perfectly acceptable to say “that’s retarded” when we thought something was simply nonsense or “you’re a retard” when someone did or said something stupid. I get that in this politically correct age we live in, any use of the word retard is frowned upon. I don’t agree with it, but I get it. And ever since the potentially embarrassing “I can’t believe you just called me a retard in front of the retard” incident, we’ve shied away from the term and instead favor dumb ass.

Oh fuck it, I’m not embarrassed.  The PC police can bite my shiny metal ass. I don’t care if they think I’m insensitive or uncaring. Much like I thought my father had bigoted, sexist and racist views, I now get that he was a product of his generation and I see those views have diminished as his generation passes on. I’m sure views like mine will wane into obscurity as well when those in my generation start to die off, too.  For now, I’m okay living in a world full of fucktards.fucktard


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