Epic Acts of Nerdery – For a 30th Birthday / Halloween Party we transformed our $#!++Y basement garage into Vault 30!


Reddit user VaultoftheSix shared images of a DIY project he was a part of, in which they transformed their basement / garage into a Fallout inspired Vault-Tec Vault for a combination 30th Birthday / Halloween party. Vault 30 came complete with a raider shack, Vault-Tec propaganda, Vault 30 shirts, Nuka-Cola and a Vault Dwellers Survival Guide.

Wow. Just wow. This puts my Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy 42nd Birthday / Gaming party to shame.

Below are some of the highlights of this project, but many more photos and details are available on Imgur

vr4UHZl JPRGh48gKGdrHtkapg1b7L4OPZaNJxmyfTG3E6C5IN(I love all the D&D books on the shelf below)


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