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Misanthrobotic's Halloween Mix 2012-2 (687x687)

As promised, here is Halloween Mix 2012.  This was the first of my now annual compilations.  It was created out of a fit of nostalgic longing (did you know the Portuguese have a word for that feeling, saudade) for Evil Robot Radio.  For Halloween 2007 I played a 24 hour block of only “songs about ghosts, vampires, witches, zombies, monsters, the devil, murderers, cannibals and other Halloween goodness.”  I called this show March of the Zombie Robots.


I threw this show together in about a week, combing through my collection pulling out all the “spooky” songs I could find.  When midnight rolled by on 10/30/2007, I pointed SAM Broadcaster to the Halloween directory, and sat back and enjoyed with my listeners the electronic darkness.

It was also late 2007 that the whole Internet Radio Equality Act / Save Net Radio drama was unfolding, and it started to kill the fun of net radio for me.  It was sometime in 2008 that I finally shut Evil Robot Radio down.  In the years that followed, I’d think of starting ERR up again from time to time, but was discouraged to see the domain had been scooped up by squatters.  Frustrated with no creative outlet, I finally decided to revisit the March of the Zombie Robots concept in the form of a playlist.  And so Misanthrobotic’s Halloween Mix 2012 was created.

Misanthrobotic's Halloween Mix 2012-2 (687x687)

Re-posted with updated artwork, the 2012 Halloween Mix can be downloaded HERE.

01 – Kid Koala – Tricks ‘n’ Treats.mp3
02 – Figure – Leather Face (Captain Panic! Remix).mp3
03 – God Module – Let’s Go Dark.mp3
04 – TRS-80 – Phantom Power.mp3
05 – Tamtrum – In a Little Skull Box (feat Rose H).mp3
06 – Das Ich – Gottes Tod.mp3
07 – Combichrist – Below.mp3
08 – TrummerWelten – In This Lovely Night.mp3
09 – Amduscia – Corpses Symphony.mp3
10 – Zombie Girl – Bleeder.mp3
11 – God Module – Corpses (A Zombie Love Song).mp3
12 – Tweaker – Movement Of Fear.mp3
13 – Amduscia – Merciless Vain Reign.mp3
14 – Skinny Puppy – Riverz End.mp3
15 – Skrillex – Kill EVERYBODY (Bare Noize Remix).mp3
16 – Figure – Boogie Man (Oblivion Remix).mp3
17 – Trust Obey – Larvatus.mp3
18 – Lethal & Khanage – Rise Of the Beast.mp3
19 – Rabia Sorda – Save Me From My Curse.mp3
20 – Amduscia – Dead or Alive (God Mod Rotten Skin Dance Mix).mp3
21 – UnterART – Kill Your Heart.mp3
22 – God Module – The Magic In My Heart Is Dead.mp3
23 – C17H19NO3 – Scarifice.mp3
24 – Battery – This Hideous Strength.mp3
25 – Switchblade Symphony – Witches (Temple of Rain Mix).mp3
26 – Tumor – S dreht durch.mp3
27 – Electric Hellfire Club – Charles In Charge.mp3
28 – TRS-80 – Everyday Is Halloween.mp3

Running Time: 02:23:56


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