A Dusty Stack of Old Mix Tapes or Providence?


Having just created this blog to announce Halloween Mix 2014, I was wondering what else I could use this space for.  In December, I should be releasing Do Androids Dream of a White Noise Christmas vol 3, but then what, silence for 10 months?  That just seems like a waste.

The initial intent was to post my 2 seasonal mixes, so I could always post other mixes.  But I get pretty OCD when it comes to song selection and flow when I’m making these.  Halloween Mix 2014 took 6 weeks to put together, and I’m giving myself 8 weeks for Do Androids Dream vol 3.  I just don’t have the free time to dedicate to more than Halloween and Christmas on a consistent basis.

Then it occurred to me that I’ve made dozens of mix tapes, CD’s and playlists over the years.  Maybe I could pull them out, try to reassemble them in MP3 format, and post them once a month.  I was mulling this over when I got into a conversation with my friend Laurie.

Here’s some background on Laurie.  She’s one of my oldest and best friends, a talented artist, a maker of stuffed things (usually bunny rabbits), and a fellow blogger .  She’s also one of the few people I know offline that has a similar taste in music as I do.  As a result, over the years she’s been a frequent recipient of my musical mixes; mix tapes in the 90’s, mix CD’s in the 00’s and now mix playlists in the 10’s.  She’s one of the people I specifically make Misanthrobotic’s Halloween Mix, and Do Androids Dream of a White Noise Christmas for.

“I love stuffed things!”

We were texting one another the morning after this blog launched.  She mentioned going through some boxes of old tape and then sent me this picture:


Well if that isn’t a sign form the MCP, I don’t know what is. Dear readers, get ready for these, they’ll either be amazing gothic industrial / cyber-goth from the 80’s and 90’s or amazingly cheesy.  Consider yourself warned.

Master Control Program


6 thoughts on “A Dusty Stack of Old Mix Tapes or Providence?

  1. Hell yeah! Make it happen. The MCP has spoken. In binary code to boot.
    Also, those cassette tape covers are the bomb. I’m particularly intrigued by the “evil little x-mas project” as I’m drawn to anything with “evil” in its title, LOL. Make it so!

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  2. Unfortunately, no. It was all live streaming 24×7 from around 2004-2007. I plan on talking more about ERR in an upcoming post. For now I can tell you that Halloween Mix & the upcoming Do Androids Dream of a White Noise Christmas are directly inspired by ERR.

    Actually, I had an occasional guest DJ who told me she wanted to post one of her sets somewhere. I’ll reach out to her and see if she ever did and let you know.


    • OMG!!! If I recall correctly, your’s had a very intricate hand made case made from a re-purposed clam-shell style cigarette box. If you can send me good quality pictures of the case and the track listing, I would be ever so grateful! And you’ll be able to listen to it again in the not-too distant future. 😀


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